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Image by Victor Barrios

About Us

We sell musical instruments and accessories at wholesale prices for schools, music centres, teachers and students. We also provide affordably priced instruments and accessories for all beginners. 

At Musical Express, we understand that it’s not always about profits when comes to serving our customers, it is about consistently providing innovative products and efficient deliveries. We always strive to ensure that your order reaches you with speed and convenience! We would love to bring more surprises for instrument orders! It is always a heartwarming experience to see every recipient receiving our beautiful designed bouquets for any occasion as well.

We are so grateful and would like to thank our dear customers as well as musician friends for giving us all the support! 

If you have any enquires, please feel free to drop us a text/whatsapp message at 88900514 or email us at

By choosing Musical Express you know that you'll be receiving top-notch customer service, a great market price and the best quality products available. 

Don't be shy! Contact us if you require any other information/to learn more!

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